Epson Sure Color SC-T7000

Epson Sure Color T-series printer are high speed 4 ink printers designed for graphic, CAD, GIS and poster output. They are also ideal for printing Point of sale materials for retail shops. 

Epson Sure Color SC-T7000 44 inch / 112cm

This 4-colour printer is ideal for applications where speed and economy are paramount, such as printing architectural designs and plans, maps, presentations, posters and indoor signage. Designed to fit seamlessly into the office environment, the T-series features sleek styling, a small footprint and low noise levels, and is operated from the front to allow convenient placement against a wall.

The T-series printers take just 28 seconds to produce an A1 print in draft mode on plain paper, and offers optimised running costs with a choice of 700ml and 350ml ink cartridge sizes.

This printer is so easy to use that operators do not need special training. All controls are at the front, and switching between photo and matte black ink is automatic. Media is fed in at the top, and the finished prints emerge at the front, stacking neatly into a basket. Tracking how much paper is left on a roll is simple thanks to media barcode printing.

The printer is straightforward to install and easy to integrate into most production environments.

Epson UltraChrome XD Ink has been specifically developed to produce high-quality, durable prints with deep blacks, a wide colour gamut and crisp, dense lines with a minimum width of 0.02mm. Epson's Variable-size Droplet Technology brings clarity to fine detail while delivering optimum efficiency for larger areas of colour.

Helping to reduce impact on the environment, the SC-T3000 uses water-based inks and is qualified by ENERGY STAR for its excellent power efficiency.

· Efficient: 28 secs for A1 print on plain paper

·  Economical: Choice of cartridge sizes

·  Easy to use: Operated from the front

·  Easy to install: Simple to set-up

·  High-quality: 0.02mm minimum line width