FUJIFILM Europe and Hitachi Medical Systems Europe to collaborate over the Noble 3D Liver resection simulation software (Synapse 3D) in Europe. Synapse 3D to be exhibited at the E-AHPBA, April 22-24 in Manchester, UK.

Liver construction image made by Synapse 3D

Liver construction image made by Synapse 3D

FUJIFILM Europe, a leading provider of medical image and information products and technologies for acquiring, processing, managing and storing diagnostic images and related data, and Hitachi Medical Systems Europe, a global leader in ultrasound imaging, announce a collaborative agreement for Hitachi to distribute Fujifilm’s  Synapse 3D Liver resection planning software package through their subsidiaries’ sales network in Europe.

Today, intra-operative ultrasound has become a mandatory tool providing safe and accurate guidance for partial liver resectomy and 3D liver resection planning software is becoming an increasingly important part of surgical planning.

Synapse 3D is one of Fujifilm’s flagship products, and provides strong surgical planning tools, particularly for liver surgery. Many sites are already using Synapse 3D for surgical planning to understand complex pathologies prior to surgery with rapid imaging processing and resulting in high quality organ extraction. This process contributes to improved patient care and safety.

Hitachi is the pioneer of ultrasound fusion imaging, having introduced the Real-time Virtual Sonography (RVS) technique into the market for more than 10 years.  The RVS technology fuses corresponding, previously acquired CT/MR volume data with a current real-time ultrasound examination.  In 2014, Hitachi added the possibility of importing liver surgery planning simulation data reconstructed by Synapse 3D, and of displaying it simultaneously with the live intra-operative ultrasound image.

In the conventional way, the surgeon needs to have a workstation alongside the patient in the operating room in order to refer to the planning software from time to time, but with the RVS technology, the surgeon can check the resection plane determined previously by using the planning software, whilst simultaneously viewing the same anatomical plane in the real-time ultrasound image.  Liver lesions can become more difficult to visualize on both CT and ultrasound imaging in patients that have received chemotherapy prior to surgery. In this situation, RVS can make use of the pre-treatment CT and combine this data with the live ultrasound, guiding the surgeon to the location of the lesion. 

This combination of these two clinical solutions makes partial liver resection much safer and more accurate.

Prof. G. Torzilli from Humanitas Research Hospital, Milan, has evaluated the combined technology:

“The navigation technology can bring many advantages: better preoperative planning of the surgical strategy, better understanding of the effective tumor involvement matching the preoperative imaging with the intraoperative ultrasound, real time monitoring of the proper performance of the planned surgical approach, and last but not least speed up in the intraoperative ultrasound learning curve. Indeed, matching preoperative imaging, 3D reconstruction and ultrasound represents an instrument able to make more familiar for the liver surgeon the potentiality of ultrasound-guidance and adding to this last modality perspectives previously unexpected. Hitachi has been a strong leader in ultrasound imaging, particularly in the surgical field, having many dedicated specialist intra-operative and laparoscopic transducers that are compatible with a variety of different systems at different price levels.  The collaboration of these two companies, Fujifilm and Hitachi, will deliver additional clinical value to the surgery field.”

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