Inca Digital takes future-proof flexibility and performance to a higher level with the new Onset X Series

Onset X3

Onset X3

  • Groundbreaking new platform features 14-channel potential, masking-free 25-zone vacuum table and on-site upgrades
  • Sets a new benchmark with launch of 900 sqm/hr (9687 sqft),Onset X3 – Inca’s fastest ever printer

21st October 2015 —
Today Inca Digital announces a new benchmark for throughput, quality, supreme reliability and ‘future-proof’ scalability with the launch of the new Inca “Onset X” Series of large-format, flatbed UV inkjet printers, sold globally and exclusively by Fujifilm.

A major evolution of Inca’s pioneering ‘Scalable Architecture’ concept, each Onset X printer is based on a new common scalable architecture platform which features a larger 25-zone vacuum table and UV control system to eliminate masking, and - uniquely among high-end large-format flatbed printers - a carriage that can incorporate up to 14 ink channels. This allows print service providers to configure their Onset X printer for the combination of productivity, colour and quality that best matches their changing production requirements.

If they wish, users can start out with the Onset X1 (560m2/hr /6027sqft, 112 full-bed sheets/hr) and, as their business develops, upgrade to the Onset X2 (725m2/hr /7803 sqft, 145 beds/hr) and eventually to the new ultra-high-productivity high-quality printer that sits at the pinnacle of the Onset X Series - the Onset X3 (900m2/hr /9687 sqft,180 beds/hr).

The speeds and productivity of the Onset X Series printers are dependent on the choice of Fujifilm Dimatix printhead and can be configured for each customer depending on their desired quality/speed requirements. Each model in the Onset X Series can handle substrates in sizes up to 3.22m (126 inches) x 1.6m (63 inches) and thicknesses up to 50mm and is compatible with different types of automated media handling systems to optimize productivity.

Onset X, model by model

Onset X owes its unique combination of quality, productivity and flexibility to the common scalable platform that the Onset X1, Onset X2 and Onset X3 share. This is built to accommodate up to 14 ink channels, which users can configure in a variety of ways depending on their requirements.

Onset X1:  With a maximum throughput of 560m2/hr (equivalent to 112 full-bed sheets/hr), the Onset X1 is ideal for companies producing a mix of fast-turnaround retail graphics requiring distance viewing as well as high-quality images for close-up viewing. The Onset X1 features eight active channels: four print CMYK and the remainder can be configured as required using a combination of light magenta, light cyan, white and orange (LmLcWO). When the time is right, an additional carriage can be added to scale up to an Onset X2 or X3.

Onset X2:  With a second set of CMYK, the Onset X2 delivers even higher productivity — 725m2/hr (145 beds/hr) — while an optional six LmLcWO channels can be populated to add versatility. Also upgradeable according to business needs, the 14-channel Onset X2 provides the capacity to extend the range of jobs companies can handle. A choice of uni-directional, bi-directional and super high-quality print modes can be selected depending on the specific job requirements.

Onset X3:  Capable of printing at a blistering 900m2/hr (180 beds/hr), the Onset X3 features 3 x CMYK ink channels plus the choice of white or orange, and 14 or 27-picolitre printheads.  The Onset X3 sits at the pinnacle of productivity. With this printer, users of analogue screen printing lines can take the digital route, confident they can print long runs of high-quality print with superb consistency and reliability.

“Since 2013 Inca Onset users have benefited from a highly-flexible flatbed UV inkjet production machine that can grow and change with them,” says John Mills, Inca Digital’s CEO.  “Strong sales of the Onset have shown that the modular concept is right for the highly dynamic high-end large-format UV sector, which is evolving at such a pace, and in so many directions, that print service providers often face a dilemma in choosing the right printer. The new Onset X Series is designed to remove the traditional compromise of quality and productivity and make the choice of printer the easiest decision they have to make. The Series combines an easy-to-understand upgrade path with a comprehensive choice of options, so that, whatever stage the business is at, management can configure or re-configure an Onset X printer with the right productivity and colour performance to match their budget and evolving business needs.”

Industry-leading productivity, quality and reliability

The new Onset X range incorporates hardware and software advances that further enhance Inca’s reputation for developing large-format flatbed UV printers that combine productivity and quality with industry-leading reliability.

Especially notable is the new 25-zone vacuum table, featuring a powerful new vacuum solution and choice of skin design depending on the user’s needs. This completely eliminates bed masking for substrates of any size, greatly reduces set-up times for standard POS substrates and increases throughput of short-run, fast-turnaround print. Vacuum zones are independently controlled and easily managed by the operator using the auto zone function.  Frequently-used formats can be automatically programmed and stored in a user-generated database.  This innovation alone can increase the Onset X Series’ productivity by up to 20 per cent compared to previous Onset printers.

A completely level table surface is crucial for accurate, repeatable drop positioning, particularly in bi-directional print mode.  A new patented ‘print-a-shim’ process takes Inca’s class-leading technology to the next level to ensure a completely flat table with zero-tolerance. Using the Onset X’s in-built sensor, the ‘print-a-shim’ process precisely measures the profile of the table and defines a contour to accurately create ink shims to produce a completely level platform on which the final table skin is mounted.

For the Onset X Series, Inca has also developed a new GUI to provide a powerful yet simple-to-use printer and job management tool. The operator can finalise and initiate jobs, save settings, create print queues and manage and optimise every stage of the print process.  Improved off-machine job set-up means that when jobs arrive at the printer, more parameters (substrates, print speed, quality mode, gloss levels, etc) are already defined. Password control and web browser access enable production management to control the decision-making process and amend print queues remotely.

Other new features available across the Onset X Series include a productivity pack which incorporates: advanced high-speed shuttering systems that protect printheads from UV damage when printing thick substrates; optional automated substrate cleaning using an adhesive roller system to remove debris and improve up-time; and a new-design roller for corrugated board printing that, in a single pass before printing, presses the substrate onto the vacuum bed to ensure a good contact.

“The launch of a platform with the features of the Onset X doesn’t happen by chance.  It represents the culmination of the combined hardware, ink and application expertise of Fujifilm and Inca Digital over the last 15 years,” says Steve Wood, Marketing Manager, Fujifilm.  “This partnership has delivered many leading inkjet systems over this period, and we are proud to support Inca Digital in the launch of what is going to be the flatbed production platform by which all others are judged.  The evolution of the Onset over the last two years has already made it the leading flatbed inkjet production platform, and the launch of the Onset X is only going to make it more attractive for many more print service providers.”

About Inca Digital Printers
Inca Digital Printers, part of the SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Group, is one of the world’s leading pioneers and manufacturers of flat-bed inkjet printing technology. The Eagle and Columbia printers set the early standards in UV inkjet flatbed printing. Today the ground-breaking Onset Series ensures that Inca’s products remain at the forefront of productivity, quality and reliability. Fujifilm manufactures and develops the UV inks used in Inca machines and sells the flatbed printers around the world.Inca’s facility in Cambridge, UK, incorporates R&D, customer support, machine assembly and commissioning, a dedicated training facility and a clean room for printhead assembly and refurbishment. With approximately 25% of staff involved in R&D, a significant investment here helps the company maintain its position at the forefront of machine productivity, innovation, quality and reliability.
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