NEW: euromedia HighClear Laminate anti-graffiti

OneWay Version with HighClear Laminate

OneWay Version with HighClear Laminate

With the introduction of the new euromedia HighClear Laminate anti-graffiti Fujifilm completes its portfolio with an inexpensive high-clear polyester laminate for window applications. It can be combined for example with the established euromedia OneWayVision, a monomeric vinyl with 40:60 perforation. Due to its good dimensional stability, the material is also suitable for lie-flat graphics such as backlit films or for the finishing of photo applications.

The laminate is PVC-free. In addition to the protection against mechanical influences and fading, the laminate can also be cleaned easily from graffiti by commercially available cleaning agents. HighClear Laminate anti-graffiti is available from now on.

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