Emotional image films to bring the world of photo paper alive.


“A new addition to the worldwide corporate branding strategy of originalphoto paper.” Richard van den Bergh, Business Manager Photo Imaging ProductsThe ‘Make it an original’ campaign for the original photo paper range is an integratedapproach to introduce the world of photo paper types, photo paper creationsand the various creative ways photo paper can be used. The overall aim was togenerate a strong profile for silver halide photo paper, with its own recognisablebrand world.Now, 3 emotional image films have been launched as part of the 360° campaign tobring the world of our photo paper to life and create maximum impact.The 3 videos address teens, young families and (professional) photographers anddemonstrate the various creative uses for photo paper. The videos send a strongmessage: cherish, celebrate and preserve life’s precious moments on originalphoto paper – and ‘Make it an original’.


The demand for real photo books and high-quality prints is increasing and people are looking for premium-quality photo products to display their favourite pictures, precious memories and special moments.

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