This year at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR), FUJIFILM will showcase its evolving portfolio of medical informatics and Enterprise Imaging innovations, by presenting ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) and enhancing.


Fujifilm's ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE development initiative willharness the power of AI to enhance its imaging and informatics healthcare Synapse portfolio whichincludes Synapse PACS, Synapse Cardiovascular and Synapse VNA among other solutions. In anincreasingly complex healthcare environment with larger datasets and rising demand for highquality care, AI will have the potential to change the practice of medicine. The AI revolution isunderway and with its long history of innovation, Fujifilm is at the forefront of development to refinethis disruptive technology for medical imaging and healthcare informatics. Fujifilm AI can beexperienced with the support of product specialist at booth.


  • SYNCRO-DOSE is the Radiation Dose Index Monitoring system developed by Syncro Med1,compliant with the Directive 2013/59 / EURATOM of the European Union. Syncro-Dose is acomprehensive system for monitoring and managing patient radiation exposure at enterprise levelacross different imaging modalities and hospital facilities. At ECR 2018 Syncro-Dose is presentedas a work-in- progress product.


Fujifilm Medical Informatics Synapse platform to be showcased at ECR includes also thecomprehensive medical informatics and enterprise imaging portfolio:

  • SYNAPSE 5 is the next generation PACS, Synapse is one of the fastest medical imaging solutionsin the industry, offering subsecond delivery of extremely large datasets. Its underlying architecturepromotes significantly less bandwidth consumption and tighter security.
  • SYNAPSE VNA is the most secure, comprehensive application for storing and providing access tothe complete imaging record. It securely integrates more specialties, more devices, and more datathan any other VNA.
  • SYNAPSE MOBILITY Enterprise Viewer uses the latest server-side rendering technology tostream imaging securely and quickly to any authorized user. It can be used within applications,directly from your EHR, or on our mobile device apps.
  • SYNAPSE 3D is an enterprise-wide solution for quickly accessing 3D images, and designed foruse across multiple specialties including radiology, cardiology, surgery and more. Full integrationwith Synapse PACS means one-click access from any Synapse client.
  • SYNAPSE CWM, Clinical Workflow Manager, is the most advanced Radiology Information Systemon the market today. It continues to evolve to support the unique imaging and information needs intoday's radiology department. One platform can support acute care facilities, imaging centers, andradiology practices providing distributed diagnosis.

Experts and product specialists are available for product demonstration and to create taylor made solutions for any healthcare structure.


1: Syncro-Med is a Company owned and subjected to management and coordination of Fujifilm Italia S.p.A.

Experts and product specialists are available for product and images demonstration.

Fujifilm Healthcare @ECR 2018, Vienna March 1/4, Expo X5, Booth #503.

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