FUJIFILM announces the launch of the FUJINON Techno Stabi TS-X 1440

Featuring 14x magnification and the world's most powerful image stabilization system, the new FUJINON Techno Stabi TS-X 1440 is the flagship product of the Techno Stabi binocular series


The TS-X 1440 is the new top model in the FUJINON Techno Stabi binocular series and offers outstanding optical performance with 14x magnification and the most powerful image stabilization (±6°) for this segment worldwide. The bright, clear and stabilized image provided by these binoculars makes them perfectly suited for outdoor wildlife and astronomical observation.

The binoculars are very versatile. Not only are they used for wildlife and stargazing observations, but they are also utilized by spectators at sports events and audiences at live concerts. FUJIFILM exploits its outstanding optical technologies and design concepts to meet the increasing demands in these fields of application. This results in top products of the highest quality, such as the new FUJINON Techno Stabi TS-X 1440.

The TS-X 1440 is a high-performance binocular with 14x magnification and an extremely powerful image stabilization. The superb image stabilization is achieved thanks to the application of proven and tested FUJIFILM camera lens technologies. The oscillations registered by a gyro sensor are compensated for by a precisely controlled prism in the optical beam path so that a high image stabilization of ±6° is reached.

In addition, the large lens elements, with an effective diameter of 40 mm, contribute to the PRESS RELEASE extraordinary speed of the binoculars, while FUJIFILM's unique EBC multiple coating reduces annoying lens reflections and ghosting. This coating also reduces chromatic aberration while increasing the transmission rate, resulting in an exceptionally clear and bright image.

Finally, the modern and ergonomic design of the FUJINON TS-X 1440 has been combined with a water-repellent construction to ensure that even when used on a boat or a vehicle, the binoculars are always safe to handle and work quickly, precisely and reliably every time.


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About FUJIFILM Optical Devices Europe GmbH
FUJIFILM has been producing award-winning lenses for many decades. It develops and produces innovative, cutting-edge solutions for almost any application in the entertainment industry, for security systems and in industrial image processing.

FUJINON binoculars are known worldwide. FUJINON binoculars are particularly popular in professional nautical environments, as well as in scenarios related to water sports, security forces, and nature/sky observers. Users will appreciate the optical quality in combination with the robust, lightweight and waterproof casing. For special requirements there are also sophisticated features, such as night vision and electronic image stabilization. 

FUJIFILM Optical Devices Europe GmbH in Kleve is responsible for the sales, services and marketing of professional FUJINON lenses for TV and film productions, CCTV and Machine Vision as well as of FUJINON binoculars in Europe.


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