Supermodel and photographer Helena Christensen appointed as Global Ambassador for the new instax SQUARE SQ10 – promotional video “a creative awakening” now available to view online


On May 19, FUJIFILM Corporation (President & COO: Kenji Sukeno) is planning to release the hybrid instax camera “instax SQUARE SQ10.” The SQ10 is the latest addition to Fujifilm’s instax series of instant cameras and is the first in the series that uses square format film. On this occasion, FUJFILM Corporation is pleased to announce that the Global Ambassador for the SQ10 will be the internationally-acclaimed supermodel and photographer Helena Christensen. A promotional video featuring Helena Christensen was uploaded online on 19 April.

During her photo sessions as a supermodel, Helena began to study the craft of the photographer, which in turn led to the gradual awakening of her creative side. Today, Helena is in great demand for her skills on the other side of the camera.

The concept of the video is “a creative awakening” and features Helena shooting with the SQ10 to her heart’s content and giving free rein to her creative urges. We very much hope you will enjoy the video introducing the attractions of the multi-functional SQ10 and Helena’s creative photographic works.

  • Helena Christensen Profile

Helena Christensen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, on December 25, 1968. She began her modeling career after graduating as a 20 year-old and made her first appearance on the cover of Vogue in 1990. She went on to become part of the “supermodel" phenomenon of the 1990s along with Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss.

With a lifelong passion for photography and drawing inspiration from the legendary photographers she has worked with in her career, she is an accomplished photographer, whose work has been exhibited internationally and appeared in major magazines and advertising campaigns. She is also an ambassador and photographer for non-profit organizations such as Oxfam and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

  • Video Synopsis

The star of the video is 48 year-old Helena Christensen. As a supermodel she was the focus of many a photograph, but Helena gradually began to feel that rather than always being the subject of photographs, she wanted to try her hand on the other side of the camera and give expression to her creative side. She was influenced and stimulated by the passion and original ideas of the leading fashion photographers she worked with as a model. Now, armed with the SQ10, she is unleashing her creative instincts.

Helena peers into the viewing monitor and shoots images of young models from a variety of angles and using a range of lighting, and uses filters to process her images. Perhaps it is because she is also an active model that she is able to further expand on the ideas she has observed from others. She is completely absorbed in her work and is a picture of seriousness as she clicks away. Countless prints lay on the table symbolizing her copious creativity. She selects a number of photos and signs them – in an instant the images are transformed into highly-prized photographic works. Watch the video to see how Helena doesn’t only capture the models’ physical beauty but also reveals the beauty that lies within.

The young models are stimulated by Helena, and their sense of creativity too is gradually aroused.  

  • Message from Helena Christensen


I’m very honored to be involved with the “SQ10” campaign as it changes the history of Instax.
As you might know, I am both a photographer and a model. Given I‘m experienced with both sides of the camera, photography is essential and inseparable from my life. And now the wonderful ”Instax SQUARE SQ10” is in my hands, I am very excited to use it. This new camera helps makes the personalization of one’s own expression possible, with its unique operability and functions. The square format is an attractive expression of art. The SQ10 can take normal life and turn it into a masterpiece. Enjoy the art of self expression through the “SQ10” camera, it is a completely new experience compared with past Instax products or other instant cameras.

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