The ‘FUJIFILM Global Photo Exhibition ― Inspire Printing’ to be held at photokina 2018

Communicating the joy of taking photos, the fun of decorating with prints and the importance of printing photos

FUJIFILM Global Photo Exhibition ― Inspire Printing

FUJIFILM Global Photo Exhibition ― Inspire Printing

FUJIFILM Corporation (President and COO: Kenji Sukeno) is pleased to announce that the mass-participation photo exhibition known in Japan as the “PHOTO IS – 50,000-person photo exhibition” is to be expanded overseas from the current fiscal year. The first of these overseas exhibitions will be held at this year’s photokina 2018 photo and imaging trade fair in Cologne, Germany from September 26 to 29, entitled “FUJIFILM Global Photo Exhibition – Inspire Printing.”

As with the “PHOTO IS – 50,000-person photo exhibition” held each year in Japan, the “FUJIFILM Global Photo Exhibition – Inspire Printing” will feature photos from all entrants. After inviting photo entries across the whole of Europe under the tagline Shoot, Print. Share. @Inspire Printing, and the motto “Every photo is worth printing”, we are delighted to have received over 15,000 entries from 40 European countries.  

The exhibitions will display photos of precious moments with family and friends, scenes of everyday life, and unforgettably beautiful landscapes along with titles and captions that express the sentiment the photographer has sought to capture.

Preserving precious memories, bonds, and unforgettable moments in photographs is an important part of human culture. In order to share the joy of taking photos and decorating with photo prints with as many people as possible, Fujifilm has been holding an open participation photo exhibition in Japan since 2006. Unlike photo contests, the works of all entrants are exhibited, along with the sentiments of the exhibitors. This exhibition started life as the "10,000-person photo exhibition" encouraging exhibitors and exhibition visitors to communicate through photographs. As the number of participants increased each year, Fujifilm expanded the scale of the exhibition to the "50,000-person photo exhibition" in 2017. Last year in Japan, over 1.2 million visitors came to view the exhibition across 36 different venues. This year marks the 13th edition of the exhibition in Japan, and the success of the exhibition has led to its expansion in several countries around the world under the title “FUJIFILM Global Photo Exhibition.2 This year, we hope to exhibit some 100,000 photos at our photo exhibitions around the world.

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone to come along and see for themselves the sentiments expressed in a diverse array of photographs, connecting with others and experiencing the power of photos.3

Fujifilm will continue to respond to the increasingly diversifying needs of our customers, and along with providing convenient and value-added products and services, we will continue to communicate the value of Sharing, Printing and Decorating with actual photos.


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