The Jet Press 720S delivers quality & environmental benefits to Gráficas Ochoa S.A.

Gráficas Ochoa S.A. becomes one of the first companies in Spain to invest in Fujifilm’s Jet Press 720S.


Gráficas Ochoa co-owners, Ana (left) and Irene Ochoa

Won over by the combination of the ultra-high level of quality and the environmental benefits the press delivers, along with the company’s relationship with local Fujifilm partner Cyan S.A., Gráficas Ochoa, based in northern Spain has recently become one of the first printers in the country to invest in Fujifilm’s flagship B2 inkjet press, the Jet Press 720S.

With this new acquisition, Gráficas Ochoa intends to expand its market share and reinforce its reputation for producing customised, short run print of the highest quality. The company has always been committed to innovation and respect for the environment and the Jet Press 720S, utilising Fujifilm Dimatix print heads and water-based VIVIDIA inks, generates less waste and is much more environmentally friendly than rival toner-based technologies. The investment has also allowed Graficas Ochoa to bring more work in-house and manage the quality and delivery of its products directly, without the need for outsourcing.

Graficas Ochoa has come a long way since 1915, when the Ochoa family first established a small print shop and general bookstore in the city of Logroño. More than a century later, that small shop has been transformed into a major business, producing a huge range of products – from catalogues, flyers and stickers, to books, stationery and magazines as well as a range of packaging and signage solutions. Though it now operates out of much larger premises of more than 5,000 square metres, it still retains its local identity and a sense of its history. Throughout all its years of growth and transformation, the Ochoa family has remained integral to the business, with the company being owned and managed by the family up to the present day.

Over the years, Gráficas Ochoa has built and consolidated a portfolio of high-profile clients right throughout Spain, confirming itself as a leader in the nation’s print industry. Its innovative philosophy and commitment to the environment continue to drive its search for new solutions and practices that will have a positive impact on the family business.

When looking to invest and broaden its product offering, Gráficas Ochoa’s strategy is always to improve the quality it can offer its customers. "Our company has been able to adapt its production processes to the continuous technological changes in the printing industry,” says company co-owner Irene Ochoa. “We have always kept abreast of the latest technological developments and looked for the best opportunities to invest in systems that will help us meet our objectives. The Jet Press 720S represents just such an investment. When we saw trials of the machine in action we were immediately interested and wanted to have a closer look at it. Fujifilm is a brand that we trust and the more we looked at the technology, the more we became sure that this was the right machine for us.

“After a few tests, we could clearly see that there was a significant difference in quality between the Jet Press 720S and other technologies on the market and importantly, we saw that it matched our objectives and business philosophy in terms of our environmental practices. The reduced waste from inkjet compared with toner-based rival machines was a significant factor in our decision-making process."

But the decision to invest in this technology was about much more than just the excellent performance of the machine. Gráficas Ochoa’s other co-owner, Ana Ochoa, explains: “It is also based on our experience of working with Fujifilm since 1999, and our excellent business relationship with Cyan. These two brands are, for us, synonymous with total confidence – they provide us with tested products and equipment we know we can rely on. We have been working with Cyan and using Fujifilm products for many years now and we feel that both companies are fully committed to our continued business success.”

Says Joan Casas, Manager, Fujifilm Graphic Systems Spain: “Gráficas Ochoa has been offering quality products to its customers for more than a hundred years and continues to believe in paper in an increasingly digital era. As the company begins its second century of operation, Fujifilm’s Jet Press 720S offers it the opportunity to enhance its already enviable reputation for producing ultra-high quality products with minimal impact on the environment, growing its business and expanding into new markets in the process.”

Luis G. Caridad, General Manager at Cyan S.A. concludes: “We have worked with Fujifilm and with Gráficas Ochoa for many years now and during that time we have developed an in-depth knowledge both of Fujifilm’s products and our customers’ needs. The Jet Press 720S fits perfectly with Gráficas Ochoa’s business philosophy and we are delighted to have been able to help them make this important investment.”

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