Superia ZE

Processless goes mainstream

Superia ZE is the latest groundbreaking processless plate from Fujifilm. It truly allows processless to go mainstream, meaning any short to medium run commercial printer can take advantage of all the benefits of going processless. No water, no waste, no processor – the plate just needs to be imaged and mounted on press, to make it the most efficient offset production process.


  • Superb on-press performance
  • Exceptional durability
  • Up to 200,000 impressions
  • 1-99% at 200 lpi
  • Suitable for high quality print applications, including 20μmFM screening, with consistentquality through the run
  • Suitable for use with UV inks
  • Eliminates processor, chemistry,gum and water in conventionalplate production
  • Excellent latent image visibility

Runs longer than any other processless plate

Superia ZE is engineered for robustness and durability, delivering a run of 200,000 with one set of plates. That means you can handle longer runs with less plate remakes and press downtime.

Consistent high quality throughout the run

Print quality is exceptional - capable of 1-99% resolution and 20 µm FM screening, Superia ZE does not require any processing or finishing involving chemistry or gum, so the stability and consistency is actually better than a traditionally processed plate.

Great performance with UV presses

Physical robustness is not the only strength of Superia ZE, it also has excellent solvent resistance so can be used with conventional and new generation UV inks.

Superb on-press performance

Superia ZE features a new ‘Interface Adherence & De-bonding’ (IAD) technology to deliver outstanding on-press development performance, even under low ink conditions. This makes Superia ZE the fastest processless plate on the market to run up to colour, delivering the fastest production speeds.

The ideal processless plate for everyday use

Thanks to over 12 years on ongoing development, and a number of unique technologies, Superia ZE features the best combination of quality, latent image visibility, run length, versatility and on-press performance on the market, making Superia ZE the ideal plate for everyday use.