Low-chemistry newspaper plate 

The Brillia PRO-VN low chemistry newspaper plate offers industry-leading productivity and quality while minimizing chemistry use. 

  • 2-98% @ 1270 dpi / 100 lpi 
  • Up to 300,000 impressions 
  • Low chemistry consumption 
  • High productivity 
  • Sharp dot 
  • Consistent image quality 







High productivity with a reduction in chemistry consumption 

When used in conjunction with the HDX NewsSpeed finishing unit, the Brillia PRO-VN plates result in a dramatic reduction in chemistry consumption, as no developer is required. Specifically developed to meet the production demands of the newspaper industry, the low-chemistry plate enables newspaper printers to achieve the same levels of productivity as they achieve with conventionally processed violet CTP plates. 

Cleaner, simpler working and maintenance 

Low-chemistry working not only reduces the pH level of the processing system, but the added benefit of a no water rinse option means less system waste. This cleaner working leads to less downtime required for system cleaning and maintenance. 

Sharper dot for consistent quality and repeatability 

The Brillia PRO-VN newspaper plates are superior in dot reproduction. Less dot gain makes adjustment of the calibration curve easy, and the plate’s coating technology offers wide exposure latitude, allowing for consistent printing quality throughout the run and excellent repeatability.