Powerful modular platesetter for the newspaper industry 

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of the newspaper industry, the Luxel News VMAX violet CTP platesetter provides high quality plates faster than any other system on the market.  

  • Low energy violet laser imaging 
  • From 100 to 250 plates per hour at 1270dpi (SA) 
  • From 100 to 400 plates per hour at 1270dpi (FA) 
  • Handles a number of different plate formats 
  • Scalable, modular design with automation options 
  • ‘Plug and play’ operation 
  • Two plate cassette options: Manual load or pallet load 
  • Compact footprint 
  • Integrates into existing pre-press environments 
  • Compatible with existing MIS and workflow solutions 

High speed system for maximum productivity 

The fastest CTP system on the market when used with Superia PRO-VN plates. Able to output up to 400 high quality plates per hour at 1270dpi, the Luxel News VMAX delivers ultra-fast imaging speeds with high precision. 

Ultra-reliable for optimum efficiency and minimal downtime 

System reliability is optimised through a reduction in unnecessary components and an almost maintenance-free optics system. Plate exposure can continue while the trolley is being changed, ensuring maximum up-time. 

Scalable, modular design for increased flexibility 

Available in both semi-automatic and fully automatic versions, the system is scalable so can be upgraded and expanded as production requirements change. It can also be installed with a processor, punch and bender inline for optimal efficiency. 

Various automation options 

An autoloader adds further automation with highly reliable plate and interleaf paper handling. The ability to include two autoloaders inline means that up to 6,000 plates can be made available for automated production. The option of a pallet loading cassette makes it possible to load plates directly from a pallet, for ultimate production efficiency. 

Lower total cost of ownership for maximum value 

The violet Luxel News VMAX system represents exceptional value with its overall low cost of ownership and ease of use. This is further guaranteed through the ultra-high reliability of the system and low risk of failure, as well as the ability to carry out remote diagnostics.