XMF Remote Express

Easy online print job submission and approval 

An online system for clients to deliver PDF files for printing directly into the workflow and for jobs to be quickly approved online prior to being printed. 

  • Have clients submit files online rather than via email 
  • „„Send emails to clients to simply “click” and “upload” 
  • „„Provide online proofs to clients for quick job approval 
  • „„Reduce the number of touchpoints in the print production workflow 
  • „„Install on the same PC hardware as used for XMF Workflow 
  • „„Be up and running with your clients in less than one day 

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Provide an easy way for PDF files to be submitted online 

XMF Remote Express allows your clients to upload PDF files in a managed environment. Unlike using email or services such as Dropbox or WeTransfer, XMF Remote Express allows clients to upload PDF files directly into the workflow. The files arrive preflight checked and are automatically assigned to the correct job within the XMF Workflow. 

Send emails that allow your clients to simply “click” and “upload” 

Once a job has been created within the XMF Workflow you can send your client an email containing a web link that takes them directly to a web browser window where the PDF files are uploaded to the relevant print job. Because preflighting takes place during upload, any PDF issues are flagged before the files are committed to print production. 

Provide online proofs to clients for quick job approval 

Providing online proofs for clients is as simple as the PDF upload process. You send an email from the XMF Workflow containing a web link for the client to review and approve a job for printing. Once approved, the job within the XMF Workflow is automatically advanced to the next stage of print production. 

Reduce the number of touchpoints in the print production workflow 

XMF Remote Express significantly reduces the number of times a PDF is opened, moved or copied in the print production process. Because PDF files are delivered directly into the workflow there is no longer a need to move or copy files to the workflow or to check if the latest version of the file is being used. Reducing the number of touchpoints reduces any potential for making mistakes. 

No additional PC hardware is required to use XMF Remote Express 

XMF Remote Express is an extension to the XMF Workflow system. Unlike many other products in the market it does not require additional hardware to run. It can be installed and run on the same hardware as the XMF Workflow system thus minimizing the cost of implementation. 

Be up and running with your clients in less than one day 

XMF Remote is designed for printers who are managing print jobs from a large base of customers. The system can be installed and configured for use in less than one day. The ease of use of the user interface means that you can immediately start using the system to allow your clients to upload PDF files and review proofs online.