Nylobag NB

Nylobag NB inks are highly opaque products used for direct printing onto nylon bags and many other synthetic fabrics.

Adhesion to Synthetic Fabrics

Nylobag NB has good adhesion and flexibility to most grades of nylon and many other synthetic fabrics.  This combination of adhesion and flexibility, together with the high opacity offered by the system, makes it especially suitable for printing bags and similar items.

High Resistance and Wash Fastness

Resistance properties of Nylobag NB inks can be increased with the use of an optional catalyst.  This increases all resistance properties making the product very suitable for applications where the ink would otherwise wear or abrade quickly.

Hints & Tips

The following related Hints & Tips document is available:

  • High opacity
  • Good flexibility
  • Excellent wash fastness
  • Good adhesion to most nylon and synthetic fabrics